Daventry man meets brothers he never knew about

From left, Marc, Rob and Gary.
From left, Marc, Rob and Gary.

A Daventry man says people should never give up when looking for long-lost relatives after finding two relatives he never knew about.

The brothers, who live in Daventry, Belgium and Australia all met together for the first time over the new year break.

Rob, 63, who lives in Daventry with his wife Sue said: “It all started when we were watching Davina McCall on Long Lost Family. I was adopted at four days old so I had a mother out there that I didn’t know. Sue asked my permission to see if she could find any information, and I said yes.”

Sue said: “I went onto Genes Reunited. We knew Rob’s birth mother’s name and how old she was when she had him, so I asked on the site if anyone had her name on their family trees around the time she would have been born.

“Within 10 minutes I had a message from someone saying they did, but she had sadly passed away. But then they added she had two other sons, twins, and that one lived in Australia now. I searched Facebook and sent a message to someone with the right name, and got a reply.”

Rob said: “Marc and Gary had no idea about me. One lives in Belgium, the othe in Australia, but they were raised in England. The one who lives in Belgium does a lot of driving for work so we met last year at Toddington services. We did a DNA test it came back as an 85 per cent match. We have the same mother but different fathers.

“I never thought I’d meet the one who lives in Australia, but he came over to Belgium for Christmas, and on Tuesday last week they both came over to Daventry with their families.”

Sue said: “We had a very full house for a few days. It was remarkable because although Gary and Marc, and Rob are essentially strangers it didn’t feel that way at all.”

Rob said: “It was the first time we’d all been together.

“We all played football to a high level when we where younger, and I still play walking football.

“The thing I want people to take away from this is that I started out looking for a mother but in the end I ended up finding two brothers. It’s amazing really and people looking for lost relatives should never give up. If I can find people after all these years, it can be done.”