Daventry man accused of biting off part of man’s ear

A DAVENTRY man has appeared in court after allegedly biting off part of a man’s ear.

Danny Hancock, 26, from Sherwood Drive on the Headlands estate in Daventry appeared at Northampton Magistrates’ Court on Monday accused of attacking a 36-year-old man in Bowen Square in Daventry at 1.30am on Saturday.

The court heard yesterday how two groups were walking past each other when one of Hancock’s friends is said to have shoulder barged into one of them.

Stella Moses, prosecuting, said: “Graham Hodgson was out on Saturday with friends in Daventry town centre. They had been to a few establishments where they did have some alcohol to drink.

“They subsequently left and were en route to a kebab house. As they were walking along the street, they were confronted by three males, the defendant being one of those males.

“One of the defendant’s friends shoulder barged one of the other party who said ‘What’s that all about?’

“Mr Hodgson turned round to see what was going on and he was hit in the face. He said he was not sure how, but did say it was a forceful strike.

“He said he landed on his back. The defendant jumped on top of him and punched him several times to the face. He then felt an extremely sharp pain to his right ear.”

The court heard Mr Hodgson suffered a black eye, and the upper part of his ear was missing, which required hospital treatment.

Hancock was arrested nearby and later told police he had drunk 13 to 15 pints that evening.

Paul Harkins, defending, applied to the magistrates for bail, stating Hancock denies any biting of the ear, and will be pleading not guilty, claiming self-defence.

However, the magistrates’ bench refused him bail and remanded him in custody until November having sent the case to the crown court.