Daventry housing association to bring in new ways for customers to get in touch

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A housing group with propperties across the Daventry area has revealed plans to use technology to make life easier for customers trying to get in touch.

Futures Housing Group, which runs Daventry and District Housing (DDH), aims to ‘unify’ its communication channels and provide more choices so its customers can do what they need to, when and where they want to as part of their tenancy.

The new system will give customers the option of using live webchats, text messaging and social media – along with more traditional channels – to get in touch.

It is also designed to help Futures staff work more efficiently, whether they are in the office or working in communities, through the use of instant messaging and video conferencing.

Gavin Hitchcock, Head of ICT at Futures Housing Group, said: “We’re really excited at what this project will do for us and our customers.

“Providing effortless customer experiences is really important to us so unifying our communication channels marks a major step forward in our ability to improve how we engage and interact with customers.

“Customers will have more choice. For example, they can use live web chats or social media to speak with us, instead of having to call in to our office or phone us.

“It will also save time for staff and help them work more efficiently because they will be able to use mobile devices to do everything they need to do, wherever they are. This includes attending meetings via video conferencing or instant messaging colleagues for quick responses to queries.”

The new system is expected to be launched in 2016.