Daventry girl sails with Ellen MacArthur Trust

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A Daventry girl took to the sea in a unique opportunity to sail with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.

Alison Johnson, 20, took part in one of the Trust’s three day yacht adventures, as one of 18 young people all between the age of 18-24 years old from across the UK, in recovery from cancer and leukaemia. The group took charge of four yachts around the Solent waters off the Isle of Wight.

Alison was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma in May 2011, and was treated at Leicester Royal Infirmary. As the Trust aims to inspire young people’s cancer recovery through sailing the trip meant a lot to her.

She said: “The trip has been everything I expected it to be and more. I’ve never sailed before but I paint a lot of boats so it’s been really cool to actually get out on one.”

She added: “The trips really benefitted me, I’m not really a sporty kind of person but I’ve been looking for something to help me get fit after my treatment and I think I’m definitely going to poke my head in the local sailing group and see what’s happening. I would never had the chance to do anything like this unless the Trust was around, it’s really generous of people to let us use the boats and it’s really cool”

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust is a charity that supports young people aged between 8-24 who are recovering from cancer and other serious illnesses.

Dame Ellen commented, “These young adults are truly amazing. They face experiences that no one should ever have to go through, and yet they do it with the biggest smile on their faces, they are truly inspiring”.

There are many ways to support The Trust visit http://www.ellenmacarthurcancertrust.org for more information.