Daventry family’s flat plagued by damp and mould

Pictured is Matthew Lindsay, inside his flat, that has problems with damp.
Pictured is Matthew Lindsay, inside his flat, that has problems with damp.
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A COUPLE have been left worried for the health of their young daughter due to continuing damp problems in their flat.

Matthew Lindsay and Tracey Magowan live with their 21-month-old daughter Miya in a Daventry and District Housing (DDH) flat in Evans Close on the town’s Southbrook estate.

Since moving in they have battled with a damp problem which has ruined their carpet, caused wallpaper to peel, and even turned a sofa mouldy.

Mr Lindsay said: “The worst thing is that Miya developed asthma shortly after moving in here, and mine flared up again. I had it as a child, but after the age of six it disappeared, but came back almost as soon as I moved in here.”

Miss Magowan said: “The damp is really bad in the lounge and our bedroom. We’ve had to get rid of the carpet because it went green, and we threw out a sofa as well – you could feel the moisture in it and smell it too.

“When it rains or it’s cold out we get water running down the windows, which then pools on the floor. Miya’s slipped over on them.

“It’s been a problem since we moved in, but every time I’ve rung up DDH they say give us a couple of weeks, but nothing happens. It’s embarrassing to let visitors see it.

“DDH say its internal damp and they’ve blamed us drying our washing – but you don’t get this much from washing.”

Jonathan Hern, asset operations manager at DDH, said: “We understand the problem that Miss Magowan and Mr Lindsay have been facing and have been working closely with them to resolve it.

“We have advised the couple how to ventilate their home and fitted a new fan in the bathroom and kitchen. We also had an appointment on Thursday (April 5) to do works that will reduce the number of cold surfaces inside where condensation can gather.”