Daventry family fronts national healthy lifestyle campaign

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A family from Daventry have become the face of a new programme to help families play and learn together.

The Magowan family, from Falconer’s Hill Infant School, Daventry, were presented with a framed family photograph on Friday as a thank you for being the face of Create Development’s Family FUNS programme.

They now feature on the front page of the brouchure for the course.

Family FUNS helps families play and learn together while supporting children to develop the physical literacy, emotional and thinking skills to achieve in PE, school and life.

Falconer’s Hill Infant School was one of the first schools nationally to take part in a Family FUNS programme which involved families enjoying the excitement of playing, laughing, exploring and learning together.

Families from the school attended an after school club over a 12 week period to increase the amount of family active play, children’s fundamental movement skills (agility, balance and coordination), children’s personal and social skills and parents’/carers’ confidence to play and interact with their children.

They each also received a home pack containing storybooks, songs, an interactive disc, Family FUNS board game, sports equipment and a sticker book to continue playing together outside of the club.

Dad of two of the children Harry Magowan said: “I am so grateful for this experience.

“It has done us all the world of good! It made us participate in things we did not want to before and the coach would get us involved in a nice encouraging way.”

Headteacher Coleen Wilkins said: “They loved being involved with other families and learning new games and ideas. It was also a great way to keep fit and be healthy.

“All our families taking part in Family FUNS agreed that they were highly enjoyable and well worth doing.”