Daventry estate’s ground force improve village green

Drayton Village Green working group
Drayton Village Green working group

RESIDENTS on a Daventry estate have joined forces to help revitalise their green.

Drayton Residents’ Association decided to improve the estate’s village green to mark the Diamond Jubilee, as well as bring residents together.

On Sunday volunteers set to work on the site for the first of three days.

Diana Smith, association secretary, said: “Here in Drayton we have what is the ‘village’ green but over the years it has been very neglected and has become a bit of an eyesore.

“On the green is a chestnut tree which had been planted for the Queen’s coronation but this too was in a bad state.

“It was agreed by the residents’ association committee that it would be a wonderful idea if we could regenerate the green and the tree for the jubilee celebrations when we could get the whole community to come down and have a picnic on June 4.”

There will be two further work days ahead of the jubilee, with guests to the picnic also being invited to lend a hand planting on the day itself.

Mrs Smith said: “We have just been informed that we were successful in getting funding from the community chest fund at Daventry and District Housing, which we were told about by Colin Poole.

“This money will be used to clear and treat the grass, create new flower beds and make a recreational green area that Drayton residents can take pride in, not just for the jubilee but for many years to come.

“On Sunday we organised our first workparty and had more than 30 residents come out to help.

“We still have a lot of hard work to do before June 4 but it will be worth it – the transformation already is amazing.”