Daventry estate houses sell-off task force set up

30 families living on Middlemore are affected
30 families living on Middlemore are affected

A task force has been set up to review the proposed sale of 32 council-owned properties in Daventry.

The proposed sale was delayed at a district council meeting last month after a number of residents expressed fears over losing their homes.

Now a cross-party group of councillors headed by Cllr Adam Brown has been set up to review the sale.

Its aims will be to consider steps the council could take to alleviate the difficulties tenants face as a result of the decision to sell their homes, and whether the marketing of the houses, with references to ‘Houses for Life’, gave many tenants a false impression that their tenancies would be long term.

The councillors will also investigate whether it is appropriate to the plans for house sales on hold, and allow a longer period for tenants to decide whether they wish to express an interest in buying their homes and to consider their options, including that of shared ownership.

Also to be considered will be suspending the sale of homes of people who suffer from disabilities or serious health problems, and only selling the houses to buyers prepared to buy to let.

Council documents say the task panel will produce a comprehensive final report by June 2018.