Daventry estate agent takes his passion for property to Nepal for Christmas

One of the homes in Thangkalpot 1.
One of the homes in Thangkalpot 1.

Estate Agent Paul Campbell, from Campbells in Daventry, is leaving for Nepal on Sunday to help re-build homes.

The village he is going to is approximately six hours northeast of Kathmandu known as Thangkalpot 1.

Nearly a million homes in Nepal were destroyed in the earthquakes in April. A lot of villages were cut off and Thangkapot 1 was one of them – even now it is extremely difficult to get to and aid is also not getting through.

Paul said: “I have been friends with a guy called Derek for years and having been connected by Facebook. I just sent a message while I was having a coffee in the office to see how he was and Derek proceeded to tell me that he was, in fact, in Nepal rebuilding some homes.

“It turns out that some 86 homes out of 92 in this village had collapsed back in April.

“So basically that’s how it all started – I, by chance, just landed up getting involved as Grandma’s, one of the oldest lady’s in the village, home gets taken down to be re-built.

“I think Derek thought I was joking when I said I would come out for Christmas and even more surprised when I told him my 14 year old Will, who lives in Yorkshire, was coming too.

“I refurbish dilapidated houses here in the Midlands and turn them into homes but not quite like this. Surely some of my project management skills would come in handy and anyway I can’t think of a better way than going to see a friend at Christmas who might just like a wee present.”

Paul has been fundraising to get enough money to buy the materials to build a new home in Thangkalpot 1 and provide blanket for people living in rudimentary homes in the Himalayan winter.

More details can be found at www.campbell-online.co.uk/foundation where you can also donate.