Daventry estate agent steps in to foster chinchillas

Pictured is one of two chinchillas abandoned by their previous owner
Pictured is one of two chinchillas abandoned by their previous owner

A Daventry estate agent has volunteered to provide a foster home to two pets left abandoned by homeowners who have just moved.

Stonhills, based in Daventry’s High Street, sold the home, but when the new residents arrived they discovered two of the inhabitants were still there.

Now the estate agents are house hunting for the two rodents – the most unusual customers they’ve ever had.

The pair of chinchillas – thought to be named Harriet and Cleo – had been left in their cage in the lounge of the property.

Estate agent, Izzy Smith, said: “The new owners moved in on Friday, September 20, and discovered the two chinchillas had been left behind.

“They got in touch with Stonhills and we tried to reach the former owners but couldn’t get in touch.

“The new owners couldn’t keep them so I took a van over there on Monday last week to pick them up in their large cage. I brought them back to mine where they’re living until we can find a permanent home for them. I can’t keep them as I’ve already got a dog.

“They seem really calm and pretty tame. There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with them.

“After picking them up I researched how to look after them and the type of care they need. We’ve got them special chinchilla food and they’re eating and drinking. The guides say for the first few days to leave them alone to get used to their new home, and after that start teaching them to trust you.

“At Stonhills we’ve sold more than 200 homes since the start of the year, but this is the first one where the previous owners have left their pets behind.”

Anyone interested in taking on the two chinchillas can visit Stonhills in Daventry High Street.