Daventry education charity shop gets a makeover

The FOPS Shop in Daventry's High Street has undergone a bit of a makeover, with the interior of the store being redesigned and repainted to create a brighter and clearer environment.

Donna Maxwell-Haddon, the shop’s new manager, said: “We repainted the inside, we got new shop fittings – some bought from places closing down like BHS.

“We also had help removing walls and other things by TC Catering, who run the burger stall on the market.

“I wanted to create a brighter, more open feeling, with a focus on quality not quantity. We are all volunteers here, including myself.

“We cannot afford to buy in bags of ‘donations’ like some other charity shops, so we’ve also launched a stock appeal for quality items that we need to keep going.”

The charity shop was set up by the Friends of Priors School (FOPS), a charity set up to help support the Priors School in Priors Marston when it was independently run.

The school has since become a free school and now receives Government money. PET was then formed to continue supporting education with Priors School as a named beneficiary.

The new-look store was unveiled on Saturday, when the shop also hosted a body art session.

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