Daventry district Scouts moved by visit to Hiroshima Peace Park

Scouts at the Hiroshima Peace Park
Scouts at the Hiroshima Peace Park

Daventry Scouts took part in a moving visit to Hiroshima Peace Park as part of the World Scout Jamboree experience.

Alisdair Rolt, Millie Potts, Tom King, Hannah Watkins and Jordan Simpson Brown were given a unique opportunity to visit the site where the first atomic bomb was dropped almost exactly 70 years ago

Taking a break from the vibrant main Jamboree site with its 30,000 participants the Northamptonshire group have been taking part in a moving visit to the Peace Park in the centre of Hiroshima.

This part of the Jamboree programme takes Scouts in mixed groups from almost every nation on earth to experience the solemn and reflective atmosphere created in the Peace Park.

Scout leader Louise Bailey from Unit 39 The Cobblers jamboree contingent said: “The main Jamboree has been really awesome but this experience gave each and every one of our participating Scouts a chance to reflect upon the need to understand and respect cultural and religious differences and to take practical action to build a more peaceful and tolerant world.

“The first step in this work is to building long-lasting friendships around experiences like this. Since joining the movement as a leader I have had some fantastic experiences but this turning out to be the most thought provoking and moving experience of my life.”

Explorer Scout Alisdair Rolt spoke from the ‘Hiroshima Peace Park’.

He said: “This has been a very moving experience.

“As a young person I have a duty to make sure that things like this must never happened gain. A good way of making that a reality is to learn to respect and understand others cultures, religions and customs. When you have lived and worked together for two weeks and shared food and drink it’s really helps understand where people are coming from. That’s why this jamboree is such an important experience”

The unit are also visiting the homes of other Scouts across Japan.