Daventry district scheme to cut energy bills launches autumn auction

Daventry District Council Offices
Daventry District Council Offices

A scheme that has saved hundreds of Daventry District residents money on their energy bills has returned for an autumn auction.

More than 300 households across Daventry District have changed their energy provider through the Big Switch since it was first launched last December, saving an average of £265 each on their annual bill.

The scheme sees Daventry District Council (DDC) work with a switching partner, iChoosr, to use collective purchasing power to secure better energy deals for residents.

The more people who sign up to each auction, the better the deals offered by the energy companies.

People have until Monday, October 12 to register for the autumn auction at www.daventrydc.gov.uk/bigswitchdaventry or by phoning the Council on 01327 871100.

It is quick and easy to register, with only an annual energy bill required to complete the process.

Once the auction takes place on October 13, those who registered will be sent details of the winning bidder and the tariff they are offering, as well as individually-tailored details of the savings they could make by switching.

There is no obligation to switch, and no fees or charges involved whether people decide to switch or not.

Leader of Daventry District Council, Councillor Chris Millar, said: “The Big Switch scheme has secured some big savings for our residents and we are pleased to be able to offer it again.

“Because our scheme is linked to lots of others nationally, Daventry District residents who register for the Big Switch are joining a collective that could end up being tens of thousands of people strong. That’s a lot of purchasing power and energy companies will often offer market-beating tariffs in a bid to secure all that custom.

“So even if you think you’re on a good tariff now, it’s worth registering to find out if you could save even more. It takes five minutes to sign-up and the switching process is hassle free.”

Find out more at www.daventrydc.gov.uk/bigswitchdaventry or by phoning Daventry District Council on 01327 871100.