Daventry district is one of safest places in UK to eat out

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The Daventry district is one of the safest places in the country to buy food from restaurants and takeaways, figures have shown.

Research into the outcomes of Food Standards Agency inspections, carried out locally by officers from Daventry District Council, showed our area had a pass rate in the top 10 across the whole UK.

The results of inspections are a Food Standards Rating, marked from zero to five, which businesses may display in the form of a green notice.

The inspections judge how the business follows food safety rules and the hygiene of their premises and work.

Premises in England are not required to display their ratings – usually in the form of a green poster or sticker – but are encouraged to do so for customers’ information.

In Daventry district only four out of 558 establishments (0.7 per cent) failed the FSA 
hygiene inspection – a score of two or lower is considered a fail with businesses needing to make improvements 
to meet the standards required.

Nationally 6.4 per cent of all places inspected had failed their inspections.

Restaurants, cafes and canteens (including those at schools and colleges) in the district had a pass rate of 99.1 per cent, while takeaways and sandwich shops had a pass rate of 96.8 per cent.

Other districts in the UK within the top 10 were the Orkney Islands, North Devon, South Ayrshire, Torridge, Harrogate, Cannock Chase, West Dorset, Suffolk Coastal and Anglesey.

At the other end of the national scale, in Newham in London, 30.7 per cent of restuarants failed, and 50.4 per cent of takeaways failed.

In Northampton, overall 5.7 per cent of establishments failed – still better than the national average. But inspectors gave passing grades to only 83.6 per cent of takeaways and sandwich shops.

In South Northamptonshire, the fail rate was 2.1 per cent. 97.9 per cent of restaurants passed, as did 89.2 per cent of sandwich shops and takeaways.

Councillor Mike Warren, health and housing portfolio holder at Daventry District Council, said: “We are pleased and very proud to be able to say that Daventry district is among the safest places to eat in the country.

“It’s testament not only to the hard work and professionalism of our local food businesses, but also to the dedication and expertise of our Environmental Health Officers, who carry out regular checks on all food premises and work with them to ensure high standards are maintained.”

The ratings of all businesses inspected in the district can be found online at http://ratings.food.gov.uk/.