Daventry district in top five for workplace injuries

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Daventry has one of the highest rates of workplace injuries in England and Wales, according to latest figures.

In Daventry, 684 workplace injuries were reported to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for every 100,000 employees in the area for the year 2014-15. The overall workplace injury rate for England and Wales is just 288.

The figures place Daventry as the fifth most dangerous district to work in.

National not-for-profit campaign group for injured people, the Association of Personal Lawyers (APIL) is highlighting the reality behind the figures for workers in the area.

APIL president Jonathan Wheeler said: “In many cases, workplace injuries happen when someone did not take proper care to protect employees and colleagues.

“Suffering lies behind these figures and an injury can often have a knock-on effect on the injured person’s family, particularly if he or she is unable to work or care for children while during recovery, or needs help with day-to-day living.

“Some areas are more likely to have more injuries because of the nature of the local industry.

“Agriculture, forestry, and fishing are the most dangerous industries for workers.

“Agriculture has the most workplace injuries and fatalities by far,” said Mr Wheeler. Daventry like four out of five of the districts with the highest figures is a largely rural area with plenty of farms.

Mr Wheeler said: “Every worker in every industry should be able to expect to turn up for a day’s work and return home unharmed.

“Health and safety are often considered to be ‘red tape’ and cutting red tape is high on the Government’s agenda. The safety of our workforces, however, is more important than anything else.”

The area with the highest figures was North Warwickshire, followed by Broadland in Norfolk, Sutton borough in London, and Selby district in North Yorkshire, and then Daventry district.