Daventry District Council opens its doors to digital reporting

New national regulations are in force from today (August 6) which allow members of the public to film and digitally report from Daventry District Council meetings.

The Openness of Local Government Regulations 2014 apply to all councils and give rights to members of the press and public to use modern technology and communication methods such as filming, audio-recording, blogging and tweeting to report the proceedings of public meetings.

The regulations complement the decision by Daventry District Council last month to make audio recordings of its public meetings more widely available, by publishing them on its website.

Extra access to audio recordings was adopted as the best value-for-money solution over alternatives such as filming and broadcasting meetings live, given the anticipated interest from the public.

Councillor Wayne Howard, access and communication portfolio holder on Daventry District Council, said: “Daventry District Council is committed to greater transparency and openness in government and we are ready to implement the new regulations.

“To help the public, we are currently putting the finishing touches to a formal protocol, having just received the Government’s final guidance on the regulations, which we plan to have ready later this month.

“This council recently decided to increase the availability of audio recordings of meetings, which will be published on our website. This will further improve the transparency and accessibility of council proceedings and, unlike webcasting, comes without extra cost to the public.”