Daventry district a ‘hot spot’ for retirees

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The rural west of Northamptonshire, including the Daventry district, is one of the UK’s ‘hot spots’ for increasing numbers of retired people.

Both Daventry and South Northants districts saw the proportion of the population which is retired (aged over 65) grow by 40 per cent since 2004 according to figures from the Office of National Statistics.

The average national increase in the proportion of those retired was 11 per cent.

Tamworth in Staffordshire experienced almost four times the national average, while areas include Maldon in Essex and Hart in Hampshire recorded similar increases to Daventry district.

The reason behind the increase in the proportion of those retired in Daventry district could be down to more older people moving into the district, or because the district’s population is aging with no younger people moving in to balance it out.