Daventry diamond couple’s love signed, sealed and delivered

George and Margaret surrounded by their family
George and Margaret surrounded by their family

A Daventry couple celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary last week.

George and Margaret Bryant, aged 85 and 81 respectively, marked the milestone with their children and grandchildren after receiving a celebratory card from the Queen.

Margaret rides on the back of George's Triumph Speed Twin

Margaret rides on the back of George's Triumph Speed Twin

The couple tied the knot at St Mary’s Church in Bedfont, Middlesex, and have lived in Daventry since 2000 when George retired from the Greater London Council as a heavy plant mechanic.

Margaret brought up the children and worked part-time in a residential care home.

The pair met thanks to a helping hand from someone close to home.

When George would return home for dinner on his motorbike, a Triumph Speed Twin, he would often notice a pretty girl pushing a pram with what turned out to be her niece.

The two would smile and wave at each other yet George knew not who she was or where she lived.

George’s father, the local postman, figured out that the young lady his son would talk to not only lived with her parents on the same street as the Bryants, she also worked in the local chemist, a shop he would deliver post to.

And so one day, while doing his rounds, the postman told Margaret that his son George would like to take her out some time.

The couple’s first date was to the cinema – sadly they cannot remember which film they saw – but they got there on the back of George’s trusted Triumph, which Margaret loved.

They continued seeing each other for a couple of years, taking trips together on the motorbike, before getting hitched in Middlesex.

George and Margaret have three children and four grandchildren.