Daventry dad's life saved by son after having heart attack at home

Samuel, Jennifer and lifesaver Jude
Samuel, Jennifer and lifesaver Jude

An 18-year-old son came to his dad's rescue as is father had a heart attack at their home in Daventry.

Samuel Irons, a sous-chef at the Mercure Hotel and at Princethorpe College in Rugby, said he felt unwell on the way home from work.

After collapsing in his living room, Samuel's son Jude rushed downstairs and administered life-saving CPR.

"I came home from work and I had my dinner," said 43-year-old Samuel.

"I remember sitting in that chair and the last thing I remember is walking from one chair to the other.

"And then I woke up in hospital."

On Thursday, September 20, Samuel's wife Jennifer, 56, noticed her husband looking poorly on the sofa next to her.

She recalls how his eyes had rolled back and his tongue was sticking out.

Alarmed, she shouted for her son Jude, 18, who dashed to the living room to help.

"I was upstairs - mum was screaming so I ran downstairs and dad was on the floor with his head resting against mum," said Jude, who finished sixth form at Parker School earlier this year.

"Mum called the ambulance and the lady on the phone talked me through how to do the CPR.

"It was quite straightforward but without her I wouldn't have done it as effectively."

Samuel, whose family have a genetic history of cardiac arrest, believes his episode was brought on by stress.

After being taken to hospital he was put into a coma so that he could be treated and was woken up on Friday afternoon.

Samuel is now recovering at home and has had an ICD device fitted.

The Irons family, who have lived in Daventry since 2006, were keen to thank NHS staff at University Hospital Coventry and Northampton General Hospital for the treatment given to Samuel during and since his cardiac arrest.

"They performed miracles," said Jennifer.

"The paramedics arrived so quickly.

"All the nurses playing their part - we respect them so much and they were so nice."