Daventry couple search for car accident helpers

Car Accident on the way to Long Buckby from Daventry
Car Accident on the way to Long Buckby from Daventry

A Daventry couple involved in a car crash have given thanks to the public and emergency services who helped them after a head-on collision.

And they want to reunite one helper with a coat used to keep one of the injured parties warm.

Kevin Green, from The Stour, was driving Emma Wright, from Vernon Close, and her two sons, James, 13, and Samuel, 15, along the B4036 from Daventry towards the Long Buckby Wharf crossroads on the A5.

Shortly before the final bend on the road they were involved in a head-on collision.

Ms Wright said: “It was around 6pm on Monday, October 14. We were going to pick up my daughter in Long Buckby. I don’t remember much about the crash at all.

“The first thing I remember was straight after the crash. James, who has ADHD, jumped out the car and tried to get Kevin out the driver’s seat. The door was stuck from the crash so he had to really pull to get it open. He called 999 and started to get the traffic to stop as well. He then went to look after Samuel who was trapped in the car and contacted our friends and family. James even told the paramedics what was wrong with people and what medication they were on. James was fantastic.

“Someone came and gave him a coat to keep warm, a Superdry lightweight one in grey check. Some off-duty firefighters were there; they were excellent. They disconnected the batteries and really helped. The paramedics were great and the trauma team at Coventry Hospital were wonderful.”

They were all left bruised, while Ms Wright also had internal bleeding, while Mr Green had a dislocated toe.

Ms Wright said: “We just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who helped and to reunite the coat with its owner.”

The owner can contact the Daventry Express.