Daventry Country Park hosts ‘yellow dog’ awareness event

The dogs and their walkers at Daventry Country Park
The dogs and their walkers at Daventry Country Park
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On a cloudy Saturday a group of dog walkers, and their dogs, walked around Daventry Country Park dressed in bright yellow.

They were staff, friends and clients of Weedon Vets and the aim was to raise awareness of the Yellow Dog Project.

One of the dogs who donned a yellow ribbon

One of the dogs who donned a yellow ribbon

The project is to help dog walkers identify dogs that, for one reason or another, can’t cope with being in close proximity to other dogs and sometimes people.

This may be because their dog is nervous, old and grumpy, is recovering from medical treatment or surgery or in season.

The reason behind the Country Park walk was to go out and raise awareness of what it means if you see a dog with a yellow ribbon.

Weedon vet, Sarah Elliott said, “We wanted to do something of value to mark the first birthday of Weedon Vets. We see several “Yellow Dogs” and we accommodate them by making sure they come to the surgery when no other dogs are around. Their owners are doing a very sensible thing by using the yellow ribbon but if no one knows what it signifies taking these dogs for a walk can still be very stressful.”

Other first anniversary events include a talk on dog neutering, in conjunction with Laura Wyllie Dog Training and Stephanie Hedges Canine Behaviour Counselling.

Tickets for that event on Monday May 11 between 7pm and 9pm at Dodford Village Hall, are £2.50 from Weedon Vets to raise money for Medical Detection Dogs.

There will also be a fun and informative open afternoon at the surgery on Saturday July 4 from 2pm to 5pm.