Daventry council urges smokers to use new law to help them kick the habit

Cigarette while driving: Library photo
Cigarette while driving: Library photo

Smokers in Daventry District are being encouraged to use the new laws on smoking in cars as an opportunity to kick the habit for good.

From today (Thursday October 1) it is illegal to light up in a car or other vehicle if there is anyone under 18 present.

The new law will apply to both drivers and passengers, with offenders facing a £50 fine. It has been introduced to protect young people from the dangers of second-hand smoke.

Daventry District Council is encouraging smokers to use the introduction of the new law as a way to stop smoking altogether as today also marks the start of Stoptober – Public Health England’s 28-day stop smoking challenge.

Environmental Health Officers at Daventry District Council (DDC) will enforce the legislation in our district and are urging people to heed the new rules.

Every time a child breathes in second-hand smoke they breathe in thousands of chemicals, putting them at risk of serious conditions such as meningitis, cancer and respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia as well as making conditions such as asthma worse.

Second-hand smoke is dangerous for everyone but children are especially vulnerable because they breathe more rapidly and have less developed airways, lungs and immune systems. About 80 per cent of cigarette smoke is invisible and opening car windows does not remove its harmful effect.

Councillor Mike Warren, health and housing portfolio holder on Daventry District Council, said: “We welcome this new legislation, which provides protection to children from the dangerous effects of inhaling second-hand smoke in the confines of a vehicle.

“With it being Stoptober, it is also an excellent opportunity for smokers in our District to get help and advice in order to kick the habit.

“We urge all adults to comply with the law and help keep young people safe by keeping cars smoke-free.”

For help and advice to quit smoking visit https://stoptober.smokefree.nhs.uk