Daventry could soon have its own PCSO

Daventry Town Council is considering appointing a community ranger and a PCSO to tackle crime in the town.

The council hopes that the appointment of either a ranger or PCSO - or both - will provide residents with a familiar face to report issues to.

For the last four years, more than £50,000 of the council’s annual budget has been allocated to CCTV in the town.

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At a recent meeting, monies were approved for a community ranger and/or a PCSO to provide further reassurance for residents.

The council raised £38,000 through its precept to spend on tackling crime - money from that budget would fund the community ranger.

In addition, the council has also allocated £38,000 of its reserves to sponsor a PCSO, if the council decides to go ahead with the scheme.

Through the Police and Crime Commissioner, communities can sponsor a PCSO who is dedicated to supporting their area, in addition to any existing work by Northamptonshire Police. The PCSO remains under the direction of the Chief Constable.

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Town mayor Cllr Lynne Taylor said: “We’re not doing this because we think the town is in dire need - Daventry is a low crime area. The idea is to support residents and traders.

“It’s about having someone who is visible and accessible, who can nip things in the bud and resolve disputes.

“The community ranger would be a friendly face that people would recognise and report things to, rather than a figure of authority.

“Lots of other parish councils are looking into the idea of sponsoring a PCSO. The PCSO would provide an extra pair of eyes and ears.”