Daventry chef in final to create a healthy biscuit

Children at Busy Bees in Daventry gave the biscuits a thumbs up
Children at Busy Bees in Daventry gave the biscuits a thumbs up

A nursery chef from Daventry is in the final of a national competition to create a healthier biscuit

A member of staff from Busy Bees children’s nursery in Daventry will be competing against other bakers across the country to create a healthy biscuit in partnership with Burton’s Biscuits.

The parsnip and apple cheesies

The parsnip and apple cheesies

The overall winner of the national ‘Healthy Biscuit Happy Me’ competition will have their healthy biscuit created, and it may well be taken into production by Burton’s Biscuits.

Linsy Rodrigues who is a chef at Busy Bees nursery in Daventry chose to enter the competition with her Parsnip and Apple Cheesies.

Linsy said: "When I heard about the competition I was inspired to come up with a biscuit that the children at the nursery could not only enjoy the taste of but for it to have some nutritious

value more importantly. It was great to involve the children in the biscuit making process and their input was so important in helping to make the idea a reality. Burton’s Biscuits is a such a well- respected company so it would also be an honour for them to create something we had designed!"

Mel Fox, Senior Catering Manager, said: "Busy Bees know that parents like to involve their children in cooking activities at home and our chefs are always willing to share their recipes of our fabulous, nutritious dishes found on our menus.

"We therefore thought this competition provided a great opportunity to invite parents to help create a 'healthier biscuit' as we know that baking homemade biscuits is a family tradition for many families and we really wanted to encourage their input too!

"The standard of the competition so far has been very high but the challenge will be making sure the biscuit is healthy as well as delicious, with limited amounts of sugar. The competition winner will have to create something that the children really enjoy but perhaps don’t realise is the better, healthier option!"

An​ overall winner will be picked during the Grand Final at the end of October.