Daventry author celebrates debut novel joy

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A Daventry woman is celebrating this week with the publication of her debut novel.

Alli Rogers, who lives along the Ashb y Road, has written the book called Life’s A Bag Of Laughs.

Alli Rogers

Alli Rogers

It is a journey through her colourful and eventful life and how she survives the many pitfalls that life can present.

She tells the story of vivid anecdotes as the daughter of a diplomat with many foreign destinations, followed by university and a career in banking.

She also explores subjects like the perils of holidays, air travel, pets, shopping, music, fashion trends, property, adapting to country life and the challenges of children.

The 51-year-old said: “It is my first published book and I started writing it back in January 2013 after visiting my sister in New Zealand, having not seen her for seven years.

“It took me 11 months for me to write, usually on a Monday which was my day off.

“Two months later I was offered a publishing contract by Pegaus and was delighted.”

Getting the novel published has made a world of difference to her.

She added: “I only work two days a week now, which has freed me up to complete a proof reading course and concentrate on my writing from Monday to Wednesday.

“I have enjoyed the challenge of trying something different and I believe it is good to try to reinvent yourself occasionally and to keep the old brain cells active.

“My three teenage children are rather bemused by the fact their mother is going to be a published author.

“However, I wanted to be a good role model and teach them to always try your best and if you have a dream, pursue it.

“You just never know what may happen.

“I know my partner Nigel is very proud of my achievement and he knows how many hours of effort went into the end result.

“Hopefully people will find the book funny. I have tried it out on young and old and there is appeal for all ages.”

Alli is now in the process of writing her second novel, a psychological thriller.

Life’s A Bag Of Laughs costs£7.99 and can be purchased from WH Smith, Waterstones, Amazon and leading book stores.