Daventry artist creates poignant portraits of fallen war heroes

One of Heather's artworks
One of Heather's artworks

An artist in Daventry gives her time to create memorial portraits for service people killed in Afghanistan.

Heather Hindle, who lives on the Grange, spends a week a month painting portraits for the families of the soldiers who were killed in action.

Heather and her artwork

Heather and her artwork

Heather gave up work in 2014 to become a full time artist, and spends most of her time working on commissioned portraits or other works she sells. But she has also always worked on more emotional and sentimental pieces for free.

She said: “Last year I gave away 40 paintings to good causes, charities and individuals who have been through hard times, I wish it was more but I struggled to make ends meet as those pesky bills keep coming in regardless.

“I know I will never be a successful artist financially and I don’t mind that as it doesn’t interest me as I lead a simple life but I would love to be successful at turning tears of sadness into joy.”

This year she decided to concentrate on creating images of those who lost their lives in the Afghanistan campaign.

Some of the portraits by Heather Hindle of service personnel killed in Afghanistan

Some of the portraits by Heather Hindle of service personnel killed in Afghanistan

She said: “I am a fulltime artist and for a week every month I paint a portrait completely for free to give to families of soldiers that died during the Afghanistan war.

“So far I have completed three memorials but have had another 10 people contact me so I have been trying to raise funds to be able to complete them quicker.

“This is incredibly slow progress and so far only my close family and friends are supporting me and would love to raise awareness of what I am trying to do.”

To help fund her charitable work, Heather has set up a Go Fund Me page where the public can make donations to help her cover the cost of the soldiers’ portraits.

Heather’s latest portrait is of Captain Walter Barrie who served with the Royal Scots Borderers for 25 years – including tours of Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Northern Ireland and Afghanistan. He was killed by a rogue member of the Afghan army.

Heather said: “Captain Barrie’s sister approached me to request a memorial painting for their mother. I am also gifting her three prints for herself and other members of Walter’s family. It was my pleasure painting a true hero.”

The page can be found at www.gofundme.com/heathers-portraits

if you go to my go fund me account you will get more details and hopefully be able to help me gain support special for the people that lost so much. ,my facebook page is facebook.com/heathers.portraits