Daventry academy appoints new headteacher

Bhavin Tailor
Bhavin Tailor

A new headteacher has been appointed at Daventry's Parker E-ACT Academy.

Bhavin Tailor was appointed last month and he replaces Andrew Mackereth who was headteacher on an interim basis while serving as regional education director for Daventry.

Mr Tailor joins from West Walsall E-ACT Academy where he was the deputy headteacher in charge of standards and achievement.

An E-ACT spokesperson said: "We are delighted that Mr Bhavin Tailor has been appointed the interim headteacher of The Parker E-ACT Academy.

"Mr Tailor takes over from the previous headteacher who was seconded to the role on an interim basis.

"Under Mr Tailor’s leadership, we have every confidence that our students’ achievements will continue to be built upon."

He will take up the role on a full-time basis from July 2 after splitting his time between Parker and West Walsall.

In a letter to parents on May 25 announcing the appointment, Joanna Hall, E-ACT's regional education director for the Midlands, said: "Under Mr Tailor's leadership, we have every confidence that our strudents' achievements will continue to be built upon.

"He brings with him a wealth of experience and expertise of raising standards and improving outcomes, and an in-depth knowledge of the community that the Parker E-ACT Academy serves."

Parker Academy's latest Ofsted report found the school had failed to improve on its 'requires improvement' rating.