Daventry 2040 masterplan backed by councillors

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THE new masterplan for the development of Daventry up to 2040 was backed by Daventry District Council at a meeting on Thursday, October 13.

The plan will now go out to public consultation for six weeks – something the council hopes to complete before Christmas.

By 2040 the council sees Daventry as being self-sufficient in terms of energy, waste water, shops and leisure, with the same number of jobs as there are workers living here.

To achieve this there will be a new ‘renewables farm’ generating green energy off the A5 near Watford Gap, and a science park to draw in companies and provide high skilled jobs.

Cllr Chris Millar, leader of the council, told the Daventry Express: “The masterplan is to get businesses and other groups who are looking at investing in Daventry a chance to understand our plans and our vision.

“We know from our own information that companies are investing in Daventry because of our plans for the future.

“We have the iCon in town and the University Technical College coming, plus we have the commitment from Henry Boot for the new retail developments.

“The plan is all around showing inward investors our plans and giving them confidence in the town. It looks at new homes, the town centre, leisure, jobs, transport. Some of it will be familiar to people from previous plans.”

However, the plan is not all about buildings; to help with the town’s green credentials a new boundary wood would be planted to encircle the town, and more trees being planted to the north in ‘Danetree Wood’ to act as a carbon sink to absorb carbon dioxide equivalent to the town’s emissions.