Daughter pays tribute to her 
cheerful and optimistic mother

Phyllis Turner with mayor Ron Fox when she celebrated her 100th birthday
Phyllis Turner with mayor Ron Fox when she celebrated her 100th birthday

A daughter has paid tribute to her mother, describing as her optimistic and cheerful.

Phyllis Turner, who turned 100 just before Christmas, died of bronchial pneumonia on Monday, January 26.

Her daughter Anne Jenkins said that her mother always looked on the bright side of life.

She said: “She had a cheerful outlook on life and while there were a lot of tragedies in her life, she was always one of those people who carried on. She was very cheerful and optimistic.

“She always said to me that we have got to be grateful, we do not know how long we have got and that is a message my mother would want to pass on.”

Phyllis was born in Coventry and survived the German attack on the city during the Second World War before settling down to a quiet life in Bugbrooke for more than 30 years. Her beloved husband Douglas passed away in 1984 and Phyllis decided to move house to be close to her only daughter.

Phyllis was a practicing Christian and enjoyed attending her local church and often volunteered to help to those in need. A keen cook, she was known in her community for her love of baking cakes and a variety of dishes to treat friends and family. She was often to be found busily knitting or making tapestries until her sight deteriorated. The funeral is on Thursday, February 12 at St Michael’s and All Angels in Bugbrooke. Flowers can be sent to John Ward in Daventry and donations can be made to the church.