Dangerous road in Daventry won’t be made safer

No safety improvements are to be made on a dangerous road in Daventry despite a traffic survey revealing the vast majority of drivers 
exceed the speed limit.

Northamptonshire County Council says despite 85 per cent of vehicles clocking 38mph or more along Braunston Road, it will not be taking any steps to improve safety.

Residents along the road have now branded the decision as ‘crazy’ and ‘showing a lack of care’.

Rebecca Dillon has been campaigning for the county council to take action.

She said: “When they first came out to look at the roadthe officers said if there was a problem and 85 per cent of the vehicles were found to be speeding then they would take action. To not take action now this has been proven is just crazy.”

Paul Thompson’s stepson was hit by a car on the road last year.

“He said: “It just shows the council’s complete lack of caring. They never do anything until it’s too late. It’s rubbish Somebody will clearly have to to die before anything gets changed.”