Dane inspires challenge

Weight loss challenge to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action.'Pictured in the foreground are Dane & Sue
Weight loss challenge to raise funds for Pancreatic Cancer Action.'Pictured in the foreground are Dane & Sue
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A father of five from Watford has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic liver cancer only a year after being given the all clear.

Dane Wilde, 50, was given a three per cent chance of survival when he was diagnosed with the illness in 2011 but came out fighting after an operation. Then, three weeks ago, he was told he had between three and nine months to live because the cancer had returned to his liver.

Mr Wilde said: “When I found out I had cancer again I just felt terrible. I was upset and angry and I started thinking about my five children.

“My kids are 25, 22, 18, eight and four and I won’t be able to see them getting married or give them away or see their 18th birthdays.”

Mr Wilde will celebrate 10 years of marriage on June 20 when he and wife Charlotte intend to have a big party. The couple will have the children christened and throw a “wake” for Dane. They will then travel to Las Vegas in July to re-marry in a white chapel.

Mr Wilde said: “I am really looking forward to having the big party which will be a kind of wake.

“I also start chemotherapy next week which might give me more time because every day with my family is a blessing at this stage.”

After hearing the news, personal trainer and close friend Sue Whitling decided to raise money and awareness of charity Pancreatic Cancer Action and is encouraging others to join the cause.

More than 30 people have agreed to help raise money so far by completing a sponsored weight loss challenge. The group intends to raise money for every pound they lose.

Mrs Whitling said: “The news Dane had terminal cancer came as a big shock – it was devastating. He is such a nice man and I really wanted to do something. The challenge aims to raise some awareness of PCA and of a healthy lifestyle. In the past I have raised more than £12,000 for charities and hopefully this year will be no different.”

Mr Wilde said: “I think what Sue is doing is absolutely amazing and she is lovely for getting so many people to do
it with her for a cause so close to my heart. So far the 
challengers have lost more weight than I weigh.”

The weight loss challenge is free and Mrs Whitling will keep in contact with challengers via email, text and Facebook and provide personal weight loss goals.

For details, visit www.s-w-e-a-t.co.uk