Dad tells of inspiration from ‘aura of support’

Jago having music therapy, with Esther Mitchell ( Thomas's Fund - Music Therapy )
Jago having music therapy, with Esther Mitchell ( Thomas's Fund - Music Therapy )
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The father of Jago Worrall has told of how much the fundraising campaign by the Daventry Express has made a difference to their lives.

Jago’s dad, Barney Worrall said: “Over the course of the year we began to rebuild our family, and in order to do that we needed to recreate the same conditions at home as he had at the Children’s Trust in Tadworth, Surrey, and create a bigger support group around us.

“The only way we could do that was by raising awareness of our plight as it were, and the Daventry Express, even aside from the money raised over the year, gave us the aura of support.

“We went from feeling vulnerable to seeing that we had support.

“We get people asking us about Jago on the street, and it’s a nice feeling to know we’re being recognised for the right reason.

“And the culmination of the year was the fabulous dinner at Fawsley Hall where we met some lovely people.

“It was inspiring to see people coming along to support us that we didn’t even know. Lyn and I would just like to thank everybody who has been involved throughout the year.

“Jago’s condition and his needs are complex, and they seem to be a moving target.

“We think we’re learning how to make him more and more comfortable.

“And Jago has come home of course. Bringing him home was a major step, maybe not so much for him but definitely for the rest of the family.

“But I do believe he benefits from being at home, with familiar voices and sounds, along with all the noise and drama around him of a family with his brothers running around the place.

“He’s also started school as well, Fairfields School in Northampton.

“I went to see their Christmas production with the staff and children taking part – I’ve never experienced anything like it.

“It’s a shame they only do something like that once a year due to funding, because the children were so happy they should do it every month.

“At the beginning of the year I don’t think we thought that there could be normality again in our lives and we didn’t know how we would cope.

“It’s beginning to feel like we’re a normal family again, living a normal life as much as we can.”