Cyberbuses and parking charges are two options for Daventry

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A NEW strategy is trying to set out the route for better transport in Daventry.

The Daventry Town Transport Strategy looks at the good and bad sides of transport in the town, and looks at potential solutions.

It also raises questions about the future, including parking wardens, cyberbuses and charging for car parking in the town.

The document is part of a strategy being drawn up by Northamptonshire County Council and is now out for public consultation.

Alan Hills is one of the county councillors for Daventry. He said: “We really need to look at transport from the rural areas into Daventry.

“Young people in particular have trouble getting into the town to access services like the leisure centre.

“Public transport in the villages is a problem for a lot of people, but young people are one of the groups particularly badly affected.”

A key aim of the county council is to get more people out of their cars and onto public transport.

The report says bus services could be improved, with a better bus station and bus stops, plus routes to serve the town’s industrial areas and out to DIRFT particularly at shift change times.

Cllr Chris Long said: “It’s important that as the town expands people living on the new estates can get in and out of the town centre quickly and easily.

“With all the developments going on in the town centre parking spaces are going to be at a premium. The more people can leave their cars at home the better really.”

Issues including highways, buses, cycling, parking, rail, and walking will be discussed at events at Davenry Library today (Thursday) from 1.30pm to 4.30pm and on Wednesday, October 10 from 9.15am to noon.

Consultations specifically on the Daventry town transport strategy will run at the library on Wednesday, October 17 from noon to 4pm, and Friday, October 26 from 9am to noon.