Crossed lines as a result of poor job

Pictured is Maggie Chandler ( Licencee - The George, Kilsby )
Pictured is Maggie Chandler ( Licencee - The George, Kilsby )

A landlord has complained that yellow lines on the road outside her pub are slapdash and confusing to drivers.

Maggie Chandler runs The George in Watling Street, Kilsby.

The road is a dead end only a few hundred yards long, with a turn off leading to some homes and the village church.

But recently double yellow lines were painted up the road, cutting across the side road and access to car parks. The lines are not straight and in places were painted over dead leaves lying on the road.

Ms Chandler said: “We did have double lines here before. They were put in to stop lorries parking here waiting to get to DIRFT and we pretty much policed it ourselves.

“The old lines had pretty much been eroded away. You couldn’t really work out which bits of the road had them.

“We have the pub and the church along this road. When there are big services on, like marriages , christenings or funerals people use the pub car parks and the road as well. It doesn’t cause a problem.

“Now the workers have come along and done this. They’ve not even done the lines right – they go straight across the junction with Church Walk and they’re not straight. You can see where they realised they made a mistake and tried to take them up, only to give up after a couple of feet.

“We’re worried now because, with parking wardens in the district, people will be caught out along here.”

A spokesman for Northamptonshire County Council said: “Double yellow lines have been in place in Watling Streetfor more than a decade and for this period they have been across the junction of Church Walk. The lines were repainted in December last year.”