Crimes kept from public

POLICE are only giving the public details about a fraction of the number of crimes committed across the county.

A Freedom of Information request found Northamptonshire Police is only giving detailed information to residents about roughly one in every 66 crimes that are recorded.

The force revealed that during a seven-day ‘snapshot’ period, between January 28 and February 3 this year, there were 861 recorded crimes and offences across Northamptonshire.

Those included 90 thefts, 76 incidents of shoplifting and 53 thefts from vehicles. During the same period however, the force only publicised details of 13 offences.

Among the offences that went unpublicised were five rapes, around 40 burglaries and at least three firearms offences. There were also nine threats to kill and seven sexual offences involving children.

The police said many other offences are relayed to the public at meetings and surgeries and denied the discrepancy was in any way down to trying to boost public perceptions of the force and crime levels in the county.