Warning over thefts of cars left warming up

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THE cold snap this week has resulted in a number of vehicles being stolen while left unattended with the engine running to warm up or defrost.

Inspector Dave Harley, from Northamptonshire Police’s autocrime team, is urging motorists to keep an eye on their vehicles at all times on wintry mornings.

He said: “We have had a number of thefts reported during the last couple of days.

“It is vital that vehicles are clear of frost and snow before being driven but it is important that

motorists stay with their vehicles while defrosting.

“People naturally assume that nothing is likely to happen outside their house within the space of a few minutes.

“But opportunist thieves are always on the lookout for easy pickings and an unattended car with the key in the ignition is exactly that.

“This type of crime is preventable and we urge members of the public to allow extra time to safely clear their windscreens in the morning.”