Violence on the increase in district

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VIOLENT crime is on the rise across the Daventry district, leaving the area’s top police officer ‘worried’ about recent figures.

The latest statistics, which run from April to August, show that assault with injury has risen by 11 per cent compared to the same period last year.

That has led to a further 15 incidents this year during the five-month period.

Insp Julia Potts, sector commander for Daventry, said that while overall crime in the district is continuing to fall the violent crime statistics are a concern.

She said: “We are seeing an increase in violent crime, and whilst the numbers overall are low, the percentages look worrying.

“Overall most of the crimes reported to us are minor disputes between known individuals, including domestic disputes or fallings out between people known to the victim.

“Assaults by unknown persons are very isolated. And looking at the average number of crimes reported we are still a safe place in which to live and work.

“If you look at offences per 1,000 population we are comparable to the rest of the county.

“But on average there are just under eight crimes per week across the district relating to violence with less serious injury.”

In total crime across the district has fallen by 2.6 per cent compared to the same time last year.

Insp Potts added: “One of the challenges we have this year is that our own force targets are compared to last year’s performance, and last year we had an excellent year in terms of both reductions and detections.

“Therefore the challenge to reduce an already excellent performance is high, as crime last year was at an all-time low.”