UPDATE: Acid spill in Northamptonshire town now contained to industrial building

Acid spill in Daventry (picture by Chris Shannon)
Acid spill in Daventry (picture by Chris Shannon)

Sixty workers have been allowed out of a factory in Daventry where they have been trapped following an acid spill outside the building this morning.

Around 1,000 litres of hydrochloric acid were spilt on Hackwood Road in High March, Daventry at 7.30am.

At 1pm workers at Metokote were escorted from the canteen, where they had been waiting for the all clear from the emergency services.

Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service is currently neutralising the acid and will cover it with tarpaulin so factory staff can drive their cars over the spillage. They envisage being at the site until around 6pm to clear the spill completely.

Two police officers and four members of staff were taken to hospital as a precautionary measure after breathing in the fumes from the acid and complaining of mild irritation. They have now been discharged.

Police say it is no longer necessary for those living and working nearby to keep their doors and windows closed.