Trucker couple cop his-and-hers fines for dodgy driving on M1 in Northamptonshire

Husband and wife nabbed by police using 'Supercab' to spy on HGVs

Tuesday, 9th November 2021, 11:30 am

Traffic officers dished out matching fines to a husband and wife on board an HGV on the M1 in Northamptonshire.

The couple left the county £400 lighter after being spotted, one using a mobile phone and the other not wearing a seatbelt, despite high up in their cab.

Northamptonshire Police were able to nab the occupants — and a number of others guilty of traffic offences — thanks to having use of National Highways' own 'Supercabs' to patrol the motorway on the first day of a crackdown as part of Operation Tramline.

The couple on board this truck left the county £400 lighter after being spotted by officers in an unmarked HGV

From their lofty viewpoint in the HGV cab, police officers are able to spot dodgy drivers – whatever vehicle they may be in — using hand held cameras to gather evidence.

Among those caught was a driver steering a lorry with his knees while eating lunch on his lap and also using his phone in the East Midlands. While in West Mercia, officers saw a driver eating LASAGNE with a knife and fork while driving along a motorway.

Surrey Police spotted a HGV driver boiling a KETTLE on the dashboard and another eating pickled gherkins from a jar with his elbows on the steering wheel.

One driver was caught using a phone twice in one day — in the morning and afternoon — driving along the A38 in Derbyshire.

Road safety Officers are able to spot dodgy drivers from high up in the HGV cab

The agency has three unmarked HGVs which pick up around 4,000 traffic offences on motorways and major roads such as the A5, A43 and A45 in Northamptonshire each year.

They allow police officers to film evidence of unsafe driving by pulling up alongside vehicles. Offenders are then pulled over by police cars following a short distance behind.

PC Dave Lee, of the Northamptonshire Police Safer Roads Team, said: “To hold a driving licence is both a privilege and a responsibility, especially for those driving commercial vehicles, and so it is always disappointing to catch drivers breaking the law.

“In partnership with our colleagues from the county Safer Roads Alliance, we will continue to raise awareness of the tragic consequences which can happen and encourage everyone to respect our roads by driving both legally and responsibly.

“As a result of Operation Tramline, the chances of getting caught has increased, which can only be a good thing, and will hopefully encourage those willing to not only put their own lives at risk but those of other road users, to re-consider their driving behaviour and use our roads more safely.”