Thirty knives and BB gun among weapons taken into Northamptonshire schools

Picture supplied by Getty Images (file picture).
Picture supplied by Getty Images (file picture).

Knife arches are being used in Northamptonshire schools, as new figures show 30 blades have been seized from children by police.

Data obtained by a Freedom of Information request has revealed that children are leaving the house with blades before heading to school in Northamptonshire.

So far this year, 27 pupils across primary and secondary schools in this county have been caught carrying a weapon or a dangerous implement while at school - which is three more pupils recorded for the whole of 2018.

Some of the most shocking weapons brought into secondary schools between January 2018 and September 2019 were a gas-powered BB gun, a bladed weapon attached to a calculator and 22 knives.

Among the weapons and implements brought into primary schools in that same 21 month time frame were a shard of mirror, eight knives and scissors.

In a bid to crack down on safety, police now have a knife arch, which they take to different secondary schools to detect whether children are arming themselves.

Chief Inspector Pete Basham, who leads on prevention and intervention in the Neighbourhood and Policing Partnerships Directorate, said: “Northamptonshire Police has an ongoing education and engagement programme running within county schools at both primary and secondary level.

"This sees local officers give an age-appropriate input to pupils around the dangers of knives, the carrying of knives and crimes that can occur as a result.

“We also deploy a knife arch around the county within secondary schools and higher education facilities to prevent and deter people from bringing weapons into these environments, and we have reporting mechanisms within schools so they can share any concerns.

“Our early intervention programme works with partners to identify families deemed most at risk, and provides tailored education and support to prevent young people becoming involved in crime.”