Teenager guilty of terrorism charges

A Northamptonshire teenager has pleaded guilty to charges of terrorism and poseession of prohibited images of children in court.

The 16-year-old boy, who can not be named for legal reasons, was this week sentenced to an indefinite hospital order after drawing up plans to carry out a massacre at his school.

It follows on from his appearance at Birmingham Youth Court on Monday.

The court heard the boy, went on a chat room in February, last year. He began chatting with an American user, before telling the person he was preparing to carry out a massacre at his school, using handguns and would then commit suicide.

This led to Northamptonshire Police being alerted who raided his home. They found drawings of his classrooms and lists of names who would be targetted during the attack.

They found banned books on his computer detailing how to use weaponry and make Semtex, fertiliser bombs and other explosives.

They also found one pot of Sulphur powder and another of Potassium Nitrate which, when mixed with other readily available materials, can make a rudimentary explosive.

Detective Chief Inspector Mark Behan, from Northampton CID, said: “I welcome the decision of the defendant to enter a guilty plea.

“Not only has this proven to be a complex investigation for us, it has also had a huge impact on the community in which the defendant lived.

“Throughout the year we have been in close contact with the school the defendant attended, in a bid to keep them and the students who shared classes with him informed of the investigation.

“Clearly, the nature of some of the evidence discovered as part of the investigation caused great concern and so it was vital that we worked closely with the school to ensure students who were featured in the defendant’s diaries received as much support as possible.”

The teen also had in his possession around 20,000 downloaded drawings of child abuse.

He pleaded guilty to one charge of possession of explosives, one terrorism charge and another charge of possession of prohibited images of children. He will be treated at a secure hospital in the West Midlands.