Taxi driver describes picking up India Chipchase and her alleged murderer

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A taxi driver took India Chipchase to a road near St James after he was given instructions by her alleged murderer, a court heard.

Azzizula Miagan, who works for Bounds Taxis, gave evidence to the court yesterday on the third day of the trial of Edward Tenniswood, aged 52, who is accused of raping and murdering Ms Chipchase, aged 20.

Mr Miagan, speaking through an Afghani translator, said he picked up Tenniswood and Miss Chipchase from Bridge Street in Northampton at 1.20am on Friday,

January 29.

He said he did not understand the instructions he received from Tenniswood outside his cab but, after he got in with Miss Chipchase, Tenniswood told him to take them to McDonalds in Riverside.

The court heard that when the vehicle got to the bottom of Bridge Street, Tenniswood told the driver to take them to McDonalds in Sixfields.

But when the vehicle reached the BP garage in St James Road, Tenniswood told him to pull into the forecourt.

Mr Miagan said Tenniswood then got out of the vehicle and disappeared for a few minutes, however the taxi driver did not see what he did.

He said that, when Tenniswood returned to the taxi, he told the driver he wanted to go to St James.

Mr Miagan said he replied “this is St James”.

He said he then came to the first set of traffic lights and Miss Chipchase asked him to turn right.

The court heard Tenniswood then told him to go straight down Marlborough Road - near to Tenniswood’s home in Stanley Road - and park at the end.

The taxi driver said Tenniswood paid him £6 for the £5.50 fare and told him to keep the change.

Mr Miagan said it was his opinion that Miss Chipchase and Tenniswood were both drunk by the way they were speaking.

The taxi driver said he did not see where Miss Chipchase and Tenniswood went after he dropped them off in Marlborough Road.

Tenniswood denies rape and murder. The trial continues.

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