Takeaway driver's car taken away as Northamptonshire Police deliver insurance warning

One hungry soul left waiting for dinner as officers turn up the heat over 'fire and reward' policies

Police seized this vehicle in Daventry last week after being alerted to delivery drivers operating without proper insurance
Police seized this vehicle in Daventry last week after being alerted to delivery drivers operating without proper insurance

Takeaway delivery drivers looking for a pizza the action are attracting the attention of police in Northamptonshire.

And at least one hungry soul in Daventry was left waiting for their dinner as officers grilled an uninsured driver before seizing the vehicle with a hot order on board.

Business has boomed for restaurants offering food online during the Covid-19 pandemic, tempting many furloughed employees to chip in with a bit of part-time work to make up for lost earnings.

But police revealed they have been alerted to a number of drivers not having the 'hire and reward' policy required for delivery work.

They will "proactively stop" any vehicles they suspect of being on the road without proper cover.

Nathan Jones, from specialist insurance comparison website QuoteChief.com said: "For the average small takeaway owner, it’s just not financially viable for them to provide vehicles to their delivery drivers so most need their drivers to have their own car, motorbike or scooter for delivering takeaways.

"Any law abiding motorist will have their own insurance policy covering use for social, domestic, pleasure and commuting to a single place of work, Fast-food delivery insurance has an additional level of cover because they operate on what is known as a 'hire and reward' basis — which simply means using your vehicle to transport something in exchange for payment.

"Nobody would be happy receiving a cold and soggy pizza for their dinner; so drivers are often under immense pressure to get to their next delivery as quickly as possible to avoid customers complaining.

"This added pressure is one of the main reasons that insurance for delivering takeaways can cost so much; working in a high-stress environment, often late into the night, means that delivery drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident than almost any other motorist."

"Some fast food delivery drivers might be aware that their insurance doesn’t cover them, but will flout the rules and take the risk of using their car for work. We’d strongly suggest that you don’t opt for this route, though, as the consequences can be major.

"If you’re involved in an accident your insurance company could void your policy; not only would you be left without the financial cover from your insurer, you could also be penalised by the Police for driving without a valid insurance policy."