Speeding scheme to get officer backing

Motorists speeding in villages will be more likely to get a fine under a new scheme.

As a boost to the people taking part in community speedwatch, police officers from Daventry Rural Safer Community Team (SCT) will be out with them and motorists caught breaking the speed limit will be prosecuted.

Speedwatch sees volunteers who are trained with a speed gun monitor traffic.

Warning letters are sent to motorists breaking the law, but while police say the scheme has been effective it now needs a further boost.

Sgt Paul Valentine from the SCT said: “Community speedwatch has been effective in reducing speeding in the villages where they operate – feedback from motorists has been positive and many say that seeing members of their own community taking action does help them to alter their own driving behaviour.

“Those receiving Speedwatch warning letters are quite often embarrassed to be challenged by members of their own community.

“However, there are a small number of people who chose to ignore the letters and the efforts of Community Speedwatch and continue to speed.

“We want to support our volunteers and help keep our roads safe – we will target those individuals who chose to ignore the partnership and warning letters – therefore Community Speedwatch volunteers will now be joined (on an ad hoc basis) by police officers who will prosecute speeding motorists, where necessary.

“Motorists will not know when Community Speedwatch volunteers will be joined by local Police Officers, the partnership operates across Weedon, Welton, West Haddon and Yelvertoft until November.”