Serial burglar left a note saying ‘Thanks’

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A CAREER criminal who committed 32 night-time burglaries across six counties shouted abuse at a judge when jailed for five years.

John Loveridge, aged 27, had to be forced from the dock of Northampton Crown Court when he took exception to the sentence.

The serial offender, formerly of Kilsby, was publicised in August as one of Northamptonshire Police’s most wanted offenders.

Alex Bull, prosecuting, said Loveridge and Michael Salisbury, 28, also from Kilsby, went on a crime spree between June and August, breaking into homes across the UK.

The first burglary was committed in Manor Road, Kilsby on June 24, when a £28,000 VW Scirocco was stolen. It has never been recovered.

On July 5, Loveridge broke into a home in Ashby Court, Barby when an £18,000 Audi TT was stolen, which was later found in Devon.

Miss Bull said the next burglary was in Cornwall committed two days later. A number of phones and iPods and a VW Gold were stolen, and the owners later found a note from the burglars stating “Thank-you for your things”.

Two weeks later, Loveridge burgled an address in Ashbourne Road, Rugby, where he stole the keys to a £2,000 Fiat Punto and drove it away. He was later identified by his fingerprints which were left at the scene, the court heard.

Loveridge and Salisbury were then disturbed trying to break into a house in Mill Bank, Ecton Brook at 3.45am on July 28.

The next burglary happened in Gwynedd, Wales, when Loveridge drove off in a £5,000 Subaru on August 1.

Three days later, the pair booked into the Shrewsbury Hotel and ran up a £193 bill but ran off when a stolen bank card was rejected. Loveridge then burgled another home in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset.

He pleaded guilty to six burglaries, attempted burglary and fraud and asked for 27 other offences to be considered, costing a total of £64,000.

Judge Richard Bray said: “One can only imagine the distress of those who came down in the morning to find their properties violated.

“You have a poor record for offending and you received two years for burglary only last year. A three-year sentence for burglaries of this nature and over such a period of time cannot begin to be sufficient for these offences.”

Salisbury, of Malt Mill Green Kilsby, received a three-year sentence earlier this month for the burglaries he committed with Loveridge.

But when Judge Richard Bray sentenced Loveridge to five years, he began swearing and said: “If I was a nonce you’d let me go.”