‘Royal baby’ stolen from charity shop

Pictured is Netty White ( Volunteer ) at the Air Ambulance shop, Daventry.
Pictured is Netty White ( Volunteer ) at the Air Ambulance shop, Daventry.
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The ‘royal baby’, sitting in the window display of a charity shop in Daventry, was kidnapped from his Moses basket last week.

Staff at the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire Air Ambulance charity shop are deeply saddened by the theft of the doll which was due to be given to patients suffering with Alzheimer’s after being used to celebrate the birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge.

Volunteer at the shop, Netty White, said: “We are all really upset by it. What has shocked us and made us angry is that the doll wasn’t just for us it was going on to another charity.”

Assistant manager, Lynn Nicholas, explained: “A customer donated a male and female doll to us and the one we didn’t use went with his daughter, who works for the Alzheimer’s society. She very kindly made a donation of £10 to us for the doll and we wanted to give her the other one 
after we had finished using 

Manager of the charity shop, Dawn Smith, said her mum suffered with Alzheimer’s and carried a doll because it was very therapeutic .

She said: “My mum loved her doll and it was more than just a doll to her. That’s why we really wanted to give our royal baby doll from the display to the charity for their patients.

“We are all very angry and upset by the theft.”

The baby went missing on Wednesday July 24 from the front window display of the shop in Foundry Walk. Staff at the shop would like to see the doll returned so it can be donated to charity.

Volunteer Sheila Humpage wrote to the Daventry Express to say how wonderful it was to welcome William and Kate’s baby into the world.

Following the theft, she said: “I just hope the person who has taken him can live with the fact they have stolen from charity.”