Problem is driving us parking mad!

RESIDENTS are joining forces to help fight back against inconsiderate parkers in their village.

Parking has become such a problem in Woodford Halse some people are unable to open their windows without hitting cars parked on the pavement.

It led to Woodford-cum-Membris Parish Council hosting a special meeting which on Tuesday aimed to bring everyone together to try to solve the issue.

The chairman of the parish council June Irani said: “It was a constructive meeting, there was around 50 people who attended.

“We wanted to have this meeting and bring everyone together so that we could find ways of solving this problem and working together.”

She revealed Sidney Road, Percy Road, Castle Road and Station Road were the biggest problem areas in the village.

Cllr Irani added: “There are a lot of houses in the village which were built at a time when there were no cars here.

“Now if you have a family, you can get up to four/five cars for just one house.

“Not all of them can park outside their house so we are asking for people to act like good neighbours and to park considerately.

“This would probably solve a lot of problems with parking in the village.”

However the parish council will be looking at ways to increase the number of parking spaces available in Woodford Halse.

Cllr Irani said: “We have some parking spaces at the back of the Memorial Hall which we may be able to use in the evening.

“There is some green land in the village which we could look at turning into a car park. We will be speaking to the Highways Agency and having an audit about what can be done.

“Some solutions may well cost money so we will have to look at how we can pay for them.”