Police warning about cash machines in Daventry

PEOPLE have been warned about using cash machines in Daventry after a number of incidents in Daventry.

Criminals have been using cash traps where fraudsters stick a device over the slot where the money comes out. The person using the machine waits for the cash which never comes. They then take their card, leave the cashpoint and report the matter to the bank.

The money has been handed out but is stuck to the back of the trap which is removed by the fraudster who pockets the cash. There have also been similar incidents in Northampton.

PC Julia McLeod, of Northampton Safer Community Team, said: “Several incidents of this nature have been reported to us, mainly in the Northampton and Daventry areas.

“This fraud is becoming a national problem and we would ask anyone using cashpoints to check the machine they are using and to be aware of their surroundings.

“The device is neat and cleverly constructed and has netted the criminals quite a bit of cash in recent weeks.

“If you have any concerns about the cashpoint that you are using, move away and use another one.”

Anyone with information about the incident or has been a victim is asked to contact police on 101 or call the relevant bank.