Police warn revellers to act responsibly

POLICE will be keeping an eye out for those causing trouble or acting antisocially this weekend.

As part of Operation Pumpkin police officers in Daventry are encouraging people to act responsibly.

Sgt Paul Valentine said: “We want people to have fun but we want people to be responsible too.”

The cells at Daventry Police Station are normally not used with officers making arrests having to drive to Northampton to book them into a cell.

However, Daventry’s cells will be open over the Halloween weekend.

Police hope the move will act as a deterrent, but also allow them to spend more time out on patrol.

The cells will also be open for police to use on November 26 and 27 and again over the Christmas period.

Sgt Valentine said: “We are opening them as we suspect crime will be higher after those payday weekends.

“We don’t want people thinking just because they have been paid they can get away with anything.”