Police to argue for town CCTV control room

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POLICE and community safety leaders are preparing to put out an empassioned plea on Tuesday for money for a new CCTV monitoring room in Daventry.

Daventry Town Council has called a meeting at 6.45pm to hear from the police and the community safety partnership which are asking for help funding the town’s CCTV cameras once Daventry District Council cuts its funding in April.

Sgt Sam Dobbs said: “We all know the challenges caused by reductions in public spending. It is at just these times our partnerships have to work even closer, when the easier route might be to go our different ways.

“We now need to concentrate on working together to come up with a solution to the inability of the district council to continue to fund the CCTV system as it has done in the past.

“Understanding and working through the politics will be key. The police are up for their part of that challenge.”

At the moment the town’s CCTV, and the radios given to shops and pubs are monitored in a control room in Northampton at a cost to DDC of £100,000 per year. A figure the council says it can no longer afford.

A solution being talked about is to monitor the cameras and radios from a control room in Daventry, which could cost less but provide the same, or better, service.

Sgt Dobbs said: “There is a solution if the district council, the town council, the town centre business partnership and the police all work together, maybe in a way they have never have had to before.

“The plans up for discussion could prove to be an even better system than the one we had before, and would be truly local and fit in so well with the refurbishment and revised use of Daventry Police Station.

“CCTV works and can be shown to work.”

Figures show in the 12 months from April 2010, the system’s 35 cameras dealt with 1,713 incidents, leading to 190 arrests.

At a previous meeting several town councillors said that if DDC was unwilling to fund the system, why should they?